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Chris Oanda

Eng Chris Oanda HOSC MD The GPA Consulting – President of IFPSM

Chris is a practicing Supply Chain professional with over 25 years of experience gained through consultancy and employment in academia, private and public sectors. He worked in Oil and Gas, Commodities, Pharma, Aerospace, and Manufacturing across four continents. He is the founder Chairman of Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM). He is the Managing Director of The Global Procurement Academy Ltd (GPA). He created esokoni. com the first B2B e-commerce platform in Africa in 2003 and started its operations in Kenya. He has managed several notable procurement projects including: the reforming of Kenya Medical Supplies Authority, the creation of the African Airlines Association (AFRAA) a joint fuel procurement consortium for 15 airlines, and the transformation of Kaduna State Health Commodities supply chain (Nigeria). In recognition of his contribution to the development of the supply chain sector in Kenya, Chris was awarded a Presidential Medal – Head of State Commendation – (HOSC) by the third President of Kenya. Chris has held various positions in IFPSM Organisation as Senior Delegate, Board Member, Africa Regional Chair and now as President.